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In the Land of the Blind: Why Wi-Fi Hasn’t Reached Its Real Market Potential
Six New Reports Focus On How To Market Solutions for Enterprise Mobility
Innovative Labshop to Solve Enterprise Mobility Challenges
Market Decision Guide Shows the Way for Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Report Provides One-Stop I nformation

CCG Group is
improving radically
how enterprise technology
is marketed, selected, and used.

Ride The Wave.


How We Do It

CCG Group knows how to map markets to enterprise technologies. We combine our industry expertise and academic research skills to help technology developers & vendors, enterprise technology customers, and systems integrators navigate their interactions in enterprise technology markets. 

Our current focus is on the markets of enterprise mobility. [learn more]

What We Offer

Market Reports Synthesizing the flood of data on technology markets
Labshops Putting the CIO in the driver’s seat for technology decisions
Experience Laboratories Accelerating successful technology introduction into the enterprise
Management Consulting Supporting critical decision-making with market research

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